Growing A Kombucha Culture from Raw Kombucha Tea

I started to grow a culture this weekend from a GT’s Organic and Raw Kombucha Tea. First got the idea to grow my own culture when I left a Kombucha Tea on my desk for like a week. When I went to pour it out, a small transparent and circular mother fell out of the bottle!

So this time I am going to grow it properly and I am not going to let my mother fall into the sink. I went to C Town in Tarrytown NY and searched through all the GTs Organic and Raw Kombucha tea, flavor plain, because I feel like the plain always has the most strands of culture in the bottom. I found the bottle with the most culture floating in it.

When I got home I let the tea get to room temperature. Not sure why I did this, but I did’nt want to shock the culture at all so I thought it was a good idea.

I boiled some water and poured about 1/2 or 3/4 cup of water into my glass jar. I than added a couple spoon fulls of white sugar and a black tea bag and let the water get to room temperature.

Next I poured the top half of my GTs Raw Kombucha into a glass (for drinking), and the bottom half (the Half with the culture strands) into the glass jar with the sugar and tea)

Then I covered soon to be culture with a clean peice of fabric and rubber banded it on to the jar.

I found a nice home for it to grow and let it be. Im going to give it a week or two, then give it more food

Any tips?

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