Kombucha Beer!

There has always been a trace amount of alcohol in Kombucha.  We all remember the first time we were asked for ID at the check out.  WTF? There is now a line a Kombucha which has enough alcohol to warrant dusting off that ID.

Kombucha Beer is finally a thing.

Unity Vibration Kombucha seems to be dominating the market with about 10 varieties.

Flavors such as: Triple Goddess Raspberry,  Triple-Goddess Ginger, Triple-Goddess K.P.A, Triple-Goddess Bourbon Peach, Elderwand, Cream Ale, BrewGyver, Cherry Tisane, Silver Branch, Citra B.O.

Their pairing recommendations are cool and interesting.

For example:

Our Triple-Goddess Raspberry pairs well with: fine cheeses, crackers, artisan breads, cupcakes, dark chocolate, desserts and crepes.

Our Triple-Goddess Ginger pairs well with: fresh veggies and salads, spicy meals, Indian & Thai cuisine, BBQ.

This brand is certainly worth a try




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