Kombucha on Tap @ Whole Foods Union Square

Breaking news, well, maybe its old news, but breaking for me, Whole Foods has Kombucha on Tap at the 2nd floor cafe in Union Square NY, NY. This just goes to show you that Kombucha is the real deal. If Whole Foods makes this sort of investment into Kombucha, you at least have to try it! When I went today, they had 2 flavors, peach and green tea. I tried the green tea Kombucha, but tomorrow with try the Peach.

The Green Tea Kombucha fresh from tap was by far the best Kombucha I have ever had. It was chilled, fresh and perfectly fermented, almost like a seltzer. I had the 16oz, but you can get 24 and 32 oz as well. They also have “growlers” you can get filled!

Thank you Whole Foods, thank you for making my day!

Brand: Whole Foods Brand?
Store: Whole Foods (Union Square NY)
Price: $3.95 – 16oz
Flavor: Green Tea
Bottle: Plastic 16oz cup
Grade: A +++++

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