Review: GT’s Gingerage Kombucha Tea

Well done GT’s, this Gingerade Kombucha Tea is crisp light and refreshing. The perfect balance of fermentation and Ginger flavoring. I also appreciate a Kombucha with a bit of scoopy or mother like substance at the bottom, might be a placebo effect, but there is something about that which makes me feel like it is the real deal. With just 2 grams of sugar per serving in this Tea it still maintains a very sweet flavor. How a person could drink a soda I do not understand.

Words of Enlightenment: “Take time for less doing and more being” – Ubaldo Riboni, Artist san diego, CA

Synergy Drinks (AKA GT’s)

So true, and so Kombucha, there is something about this drink that help me just be, be present in the moment, in the now. When a person can live in the present, without judgement of the past or future he or she can find true fulfillment in life.

Thank you GT and Ubaldo for this refreshing drink and reminder of how to live today!

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