Review: GT’s Multi-Green Kombucha

Now that is refreshing!

This Kombucha Tea made by GT’s is infused with klamth mountain blue-green algae spirulina and Chlorella.

Promoters claim blue-green algae to be nutritious and to treat or cure a number of medical conditions including allergies, depression, fatigue, hypoglycemia, digestive problems, improve memory and mental ability, “detoxify” the body, and boost the immune system.

Ill take that! On top of all the great benefits of Kombucha this is one healthy and tasty drink.

It may take some of you a while to get used to the green color, but fear not, when you drink green you can not go wrong.

Brand: GT’s Kombucha
Store: Whole Foods – Chelsea NYC
Flavor: Multi-Green
Bottle: Glass
Grade: A+!

Quote: Intense love does not measure, it just gives” – Mother Teresa

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