Review: GT’s Original and Raw Kombucha Tea

There is nothing like the clean refreshing taste of an Orginal GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha. The crisp and perfect level of fermentation coupled with the classic Kombucha flavor and lightly textured with strands of culture make me smile from ear to ear. It makes me exclaim “Ahhh! Now that’s Kombucha!
Often I try to drink half a 16oz at a time, but with the orginal flavor I just can not stop my self from pouring the whole thing into my body

Learn to love the non-flavored Kombucha teas on market, it is the real deal and I love it!

Brand: GT’s Kombucha
Store: Whole Foods – Chelsea NYC
Flavor: Original
Bottle: Glass
Grade: A+!

Quote: “Hold hands, laugh, lay in the sunshine, breathe in the air and know that these re the important things” – Meggan Torres

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