Review: High Country Kombucha – Ginger “Warm and Welcome”

Just skipped out of work for an amazing Yoga class, so of course I had to take the train one stop past my office on the way back to get a cold Kombucha from Whole Foods. I was going through all the brands and flavors in my head, it felt like a High Country kind of day. I have tried and reviewed the High Country Wild Root a week or two back and it was top notch. So day’s flavor is Ginger, and it is great! It is perfectly fermented, upon opening the dark brown bottle you are greeted with a fresh living fizz. The flavor is rich and crisp, not too vinegary, but it lets you know you are drinking Kombucha Tea.

I highly recommend this brand and flavor, especially after a great Yoga flow!

Brand: High Country Kombucha
Store: Whole Foods (Chelsea)
Price: $3.49
Flavor: Ginger “Warm and Welcome”
Bottle: Glass (Dark)
Grade: A +

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