Review: High Country Kombucha – Wild Root

This is my first time trying High Country Kombucha. After coming across their Twitter feed (@HCKombucha) and reading about their dark bottle preventing against harmful UV rays I decided today was the day to give it a shot.

Their tag line is “Invite The Vibration” which really resonates with me. Kombucha leaves this feeling running through my blood, this aliveness which could very well be described as “Vibration”, so well done High Country!

Brand: High Country Kombucha
Store: Whole Foods
Price: $3.49
Flavor: Wild Root
Bottle: Glass (Dark)
Grade: A

This Kombucha Tea gets a solid A in my book. It was very alive, fizzing for awhile after opening, I love a Kombucha that talk to me when I open it. The flavor is Wild Root, which is differnt from other Kombuchas I have had before. Often the flavors are ginger or berry based, but this Wild Root was great. Not as light and crisp as some of GT’s, but it tastes more full bodied and well, like a Root Beer actually.

I look forward to tasting more of High Country Kombucha flavors this week

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