Review: Kombucha Brooklyn – Red Ginger

This is my second time enjoying a Kombucha Brooklyn. As a New Yorker, and Kombucha advocate I had to show some love. Actually, I spoke with one of the owners of Kombucha Brooklyn a few weeks ago hoping to get a tour of the brewing facility. Unfortunately that is not doable now, but they are going to have a facility for guest tours in about a year she said, really excited for that!

Todays Kombucha:

Brand: Kombucha Brooklyn
Store: Whole Foods (Chelsea)
Flavor: Red Ginger
Bottle: Glass
Grade: A-

Im going to have to go with an A- on this Red Ginger. It is good, it is great, the Ginger flavor always complements Kombucha well, especially considering the Ginger health benefits, its like a double healthy wammy! The Kombucha Brooklyn is different from GTs and High Country in that it seems to be less fermented, not so bitter or vinegary which may be a big perk to many who want to drink Kombucha, but are turned off from the vinegar taste many brand have. There is very little fizz to this Kombucha. The nice woman I spoke with explained to me this was because of how fresh it was. It is not shipped from Cali, its coming from Massachusetts so it does not have time to over ferment. Personally I like a well fermented Kombucha, but it is not for everyone.

Overall I recommend this Kombucha, especially to new Kombucha drinkers. Well done Kombucha Brooklyn!

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