Kombucha Beer!

There has always been a trace amount of alcohol in Kombucha.  We all remember the first time we were asked for ID at the check out.  WTF? There is now a line a Kombucha which has enough alcohol to warrant dusting off that ID.

Kombucha Beer is finally a thing.

Unity Vibration Kombucha seems to be dominating the market with about 10 varieties.

Flavors such as: Triple Goddess Raspberry,  Triple-Goddess Ginger, Triple-Goddess K.P.A, Triple-Goddess Bourbon Peach, Elderwand, Cream Ale, BrewGyver, Cherry Tisane, Silver Branch, Citra B.O.

Their pairing recommendations are cool and interesting.

For example:

Our Triple-Goddess Raspberry pairs well with: fine cheeses, crackers, artisan breads, cupcakes, dark chocolate, desserts and crepes.

Our Triple-Goddess Ginger pairs well with: fresh veggies and salads, spicy meals, Indian & Thai cuisine, BBQ.

This brand is certainly worth a try




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Ciara’s Kombucha Is At Whole Foods

So it turns out that the brand of Kombucha Tea which Whole Foods is serving on tap is called Ciara’s Kombucha.

Ciara’s has quite the story behind it:

Ciara was 8 weeks old when diagnosed with the progressive liver disease, Biliary Atresia. Her doctors informed her parents that she would likely be in need of a liver transplant before her third birthday. Out of desperation, her mother, Ruth, began giving Kombucha to Ciara at the age of 9 weeks old in an attempt to strengthen her immune system and aid the success of her Kasai procedure, (the removal of the atretic biliary ducts outside the liver and the attachment of the small intestine directly to the liver). Ciara, now 16, has been drinking Kombucha religiously and has thus far, never come close to needing a transplant.
For over 10 years, Ruth Patras has been helping children around the world by donating her services, speaking on the positive affects of Kombucha, and by giving Kombucha to those in need.
Having sampled some of the Kombucha products that are currently on the market, Ciara, along with many other family members and friends, have urged Ruth to bottle the same miracle drink that they make at home. They repeatedly expressed concern that because there “isn’t a convenient, good tasting, live and authentic Kombucha product available, people won’t be able to have the same great results”. After 14 years of extensive research on the positive affects of Kombucha, Ruth finally fulfilled her daughter’s dream.
For every bottle of Ciara’s Great Tasting Kombucha sold, a donation is made to liver research.

I will support this company!

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Kombucha on Tap @ Whole Foods Union Square

Breaking news, well, maybe its old news, but breaking for me, Whole Foods has Kombucha on Tap at the 2nd floor cafe in Union Square NY, NY. This just goes to show you that Kombucha is the real deal. If Whole Foods makes this sort of investment into Kombucha, you at least have to try it! When I went today, they had 2 flavors, peach and green tea. I tried the green tea Kombucha, but tomorrow with try the Peach.

The Green Tea Kombucha fresh from tap was by far the best Kombucha I have ever had. It was chilled, fresh and perfectly fermented, almost like a seltzer. I had the 16oz, but you can get 24 and 32 oz as well. They also have “growlers” you can get filled!

Thank you Whole Foods, thank you for making my day!

Brand: Whole Foods Brand?
Store: Whole Foods (Union Square NY)
Price: $3.95 – 16oz
Flavor: Green Tea
Bottle: Plastic 16oz cup
Grade: A +++++

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How To Make Kombucha Part 2

Ok, so my Kombucha Mother, which I grew from scratch a couple weeks ago from a GTs Raw and Organic Kombucha Tea, has growing very nicely. I decided to transfer it into a large glass jar to it can grow larger. Eventually I would like to have a few 5 gallon glass jugs. The most important part of this process was to make sure everything was clean clean clean. Everything was thoroughly washed, and I used lots of boiling water to rinse everything before the transfer took place. I did not drink the Kombucha from the batch which grew my mother, but I intend to drink this new batch in about 2 weeks.

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Vintage Kombucha Video!

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O Me O My O Mother!

My Kombucha Mother or “Scoby” is growing! I started it last week from a GTs Organic and Raw Original Kombucha, and let it be for a week. It is really looking and smelling like some serious Kombucha. The mother is thickening up nicely, its neat how it does not stick to the sides but grow into the shape of the container. I don’t see any mold, but there is a small black build up, it looks like tea particles, it does concern me a little bit. I am going to let it grow for a few more days then transfer it into a larger container with more/fresh tea and sugar. Hopefully that batch I can drink!

Can anyone diagnose these black speckles?

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Growing A Kombucha Culture from Raw Kombucha Tea

I started to grow a culture this weekend from a GT’s Organic and Raw Kombucha Tea. First got the idea to grow my own culture when I left a Kombucha Tea on my desk for like a week. When I went to pour it out, a small transparent and circular mother fell out of the bottle!

So this time I am going to grow it properly and I am not going to let my mother fall into the sink. I went to C Town in Tarrytown NY and searched through all the GTs Organic and Raw Kombucha tea, flavor plain, because I feel like the plain always has the most strands of culture in the bottom. I found the bottle with the most culture floating in it.

When I got home I let the tea get to room temperature. Not sure why I did this, but I did’nt want to shock the culture at all so I thought it was a good idea.

I boiled some water and poured about 1/2 or 3/4 cup of water into my glass jar. I than added a couple spoon fulls of white sugar and a black tea bag and let the water get to room temperature.

Next I poured the top half of my GTs Raw Kombucha into a glass (for drinking), and the bottom half (the Half with the culture strands) into the glass jar with the sugar and tea)

Then I covered soon to be culture with a clean peice of fabric and rubber banded it on to the jar.

I found a nice home for it to grow and let it be. Im going to give it a week or two, then give it more food

Any tips?

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Review: High Country Kombucha – Ginger “Warm and Welcome”

Just skipped out of work for an amazing Yoga class, so of course I had to take the train one stop past my office on the way back to get a cold Kombucha from Whole Foods. I was going through all the brands and flavors in my head, it felt like a High Country kind of day. I have tried and reviewed the High Country Wild Root a week or two back and it was top notch. So day’s flavor is Ginger, and it is great! It is perfectly fermented, upon opening the dark brown bottle you are greeted with a fresh living fizz. The flavor is rich and crisp, not too vinegary, but it lets you know you are drinking Kombucha Tea.

I highly recommend this brand and flavor, especially after a great Yoga flow!

Brand: High Country Kombucha
Store: Whole Foods (Chelsea)
Price: $3.49
Flavor: Ginger “Warm and Welcome”
Bottle: Glass (Dark)
Grade: A +

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Review: GT’s Multi-Green Kombucha

Now that is refreshing!

This Kombucha Tea made by GT’s is infused with klamth mountain blue-green algae spirulina and Chlorella.

Promoters claim blue-green algae to be nutritious and to treat or cure a number of medical conditions including allergies, depression, fatigue, hypoglycemia, digestive problems, improve memory and mental ability, “detoxify” the body, and boost the immune system.

Ill take that! On top of all the great benefits of Kombucha this is one healthy and tasty drink.

It may take some of you a while to get used to the green color, but fear not, when you drink green you can not go wrong.

Brand: GT’s Kombucha
Store: Whole Foods – Chelsea NYC
Flavor: Multi-Green
Bottle: Glass
Grade: A+!

Quote: Intense love does not measure, it just gives” – Mother Teresa

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Review: GT’s Original and Raw Kombucha Tea

There is nothing like the clean refreshing taste of an Orginal GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha. The crisp and perfect level of fermentation coupled with the classic Kombucha flavor and lightly textured with strands of culture make me smile from ear to ear. It makes me exclaim “Ahhh! Now that’s Kombucha!
Often I try to drink half a 16oz at a time, but with the orginal flavor I just can not stop my self from pouring the whole thing into my body

Learn to love the non-flavored Kombucha teas on market, it is the real deal and I love it!

Brand: GT’s Kombucha
Store: Whole Foods – Chelsea NYC
Flavor: Original
Bottle: Glass
Grade: A+!

Quote: “Hold hands, laugh, lay in the sunshine, breathe in the air and know that these re the important things” – Meggan Torres

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