Review: Synergy’s Raspberry Chia Kombucha

Ok, well, I would say this was my first negative Kombucha experience. Individually Kombucha and Chia seeds are both gifts of nature, but together not so. Upon my first sip I was immediately confused. Should I chew this or drink this? My body literally told me I could not drink it, but it also said I could not chew it because it was too much of a liquid. So what I had to do was chew and drink simultaneously which was not easy or enjoyable.

The Kombucha aspect also seemed to be missing from this drink. Although Synergy drinks are always less “intense” of a Kombucha Tea, there was 0 fizz to the beverage. IT did not feel alive to me.

Has anyone else had this experience?

Synergy/GT’s do not take this the wrong way, I LOVE your Kombucha Tea and have reviewed it with a solid A many of times, but this Chia seed drink is just weird. I give it a couple of months on the self before it is pulled

Brand: Synergy
Store: C Town – Tarrytown NY
Flavor: Raspberry Chia Kombucha
Bottle: Glass
Grade: F

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GT Kombucha on Sale @ Whole Foods

Its official, GTs Kombucha is on sale at Whole Foods, at least in Chelsea maybe all of NYC. Everyone stock up asap! They are going fast, for just $2.69 you can get your very own Kombucha Tea!

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Whole Foods Lower GT Kombucha Price?

I was presently surprised this morning when I went to buy my GTs Kombucha, it was only $2.69!!! Then because I did not ask for a bag it ended up being just $2.59, opposed to the normal $3.50+. This better not be a mistake! Whole Foods, if you have truly lowered the price of GT’s Kombucha I pledge to love you forever.

Has anyone else noticed this Kombucha price drop?

Whole Foods or GT’s do either of you have anything to say about this?

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Review: Kombucha Brooklyn – Red Ginger

This is my second time enjoying a Kombucha Brooklyn. As a New Yorker, and Kombucha advocate I had to show some love. Actually, I spoke with one of the owners of Kombucha Brooklyn a few weeks ago hoping to get a tour of the brewing facility. Unfortunately that is not doable now, but they are going to have a facility for guest tours in about a year she said, really excited for that!

Todays Kombucha:

Brand: Kombucha Brooklyn
Store: Whole Foods (Chelsea)
Flavor: Red Ginger
Bottle: Glass
Grade: A-

Im going to have to go with an A- on this Red Ginger. It is good, it is great, the Ginger flavor always complements Kombucha well, especially considering the Ginger health benefits, its like a double healthy wammy! The Kombucha Brooklyn is different from GTs and High Country in that it seems to be less fermented, not so bitter or vinegary which may be a big perk to many who want to drink Kombucha, but are turned off from the vinegar taste many brand have. There is very little fizz to this Kombucha. The nice woman I spoke with explained to me this was because of how fresh it was. It is not shipped from Cali, its coming from Massachusetts so it does not have time to over ferment. Personally I like a well fermented Kombucha, but it is not for everyone.

Overall I recommend this Kombucha, especially to new Kombucha drinkers. Well done Kombucha Brooklyn!

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Review: High Country Kombucha – Wild Root

This is my first time trying High Country Kombucha. After coming across their Twitter feed (@HCKombucha) and reading about their dark bottle preventing against harmful UV rays I decided today was the day to give it a shot.

Their tag line is “Invite The Vibration” which really resonates with me. Kombucha leaves this feeling running through my blood, this aliveness which could very well be described as “Vibration”, so well done High Country!

Brand: High Country Kombucha
Store: Whole Foods
Price: $3.49
Flavor: Wild Root
Bottle: Glass (Dark)
Grade: A

This Kombucha Tea gets a solid A in my book. It was very alive, fizzing for awhile after opening, I love a Kombucha that talk to me when I open it. The flavor is Wild Root, which is differnt from other Kombuchas I have had before. Often the flavors are ginger or berry based, but this Wild Root was great. Not as light and crisp as some of GT’s, but it tastes more full bodied and well, like a Root Beer actually.

I look forward to tasting more of High Country Kombucha flavors this week

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Review: GT’s Botanic No 3

Taste: A+, Sweet, fresh berry infused

This is my go to flavor, it tastes like juice more than anything, the only issue with it is there seems to be a large accumulation of tea grains at the bottom of the bottle, making the last sip a bit, well strange, but I deal with it. Dear GT’s why is there so much tea at the bottom?

Synergy Drinks (AKA GT’s)

I wonder if flavoring the tea with larger “chunks” of flavor, like full berries would have a better drinking experience to avoid the granular texture.

Overall I give Botanic No 3 a A-


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Review: GT’s Gingerage Kombucha Tea

Well done GT’s, this Gingerade Kombucha Tea is crisp light and refreshing. The perfect balance of fermentation and Ginger flavoring. I also appreciate a Kombucha with a bit of scoopy or mother like substance at the bottom, might be a placebo effect, but there is something about that which makes me feel like it is the real deal. With just 2 grams of sugar per serving in this Tea it still maintains a very sweet flavor. How a person could drink a soda I do not understand.

Words of Enlightenment: “Take time for less doing and more being” – Ubaldo Riboni, Artist san diego, CA

Synergy Drinks (AKA GT’s)

So true, and so Kombucha, there is something about this drink that help me just be, be present in the moment, in the now. When a person can live in the present, without judgement of the past or future he or she can find true fulfillment in life.

Thank you GT and Ubaldo for this refreshing drink and reminder of how to live today!

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A Bastard Kombucha Mother?

Yesterday I went to clean out a bottle of GT’s Kombucha which had been sitting on my desk for a week or two. There was a small amount of Kombucha tea left in the bottom of the glass container. When I went to pour it out, so I could clean and reuse the bottle, what seemed to be a small transparent mother fell out into the sick. Although I am yet to grow my own Kombucha still, from everything I have read this was a mother. Is it possible for a mother to grow in a bottle of Kombucha that was motherless?

A bastered Mother?


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Kombucha Face Mask

Kombucha is considered an extremely potent antioxidant, much like the compounds found in fruits and vegetables, according to the American Cancer Society. Antioxidants not only fight the environmental toxins known as free radicals, which contribute to illness and disease, but help slow the aging process. Theoretically, powerful antioxidant nutrients can prevent and lessen wrinkles by promoting skin elasticity.

The NYU Langone Medical Center notes that advocates of kombucha tea believe so strongly in its beauty-enhancing properties that they believe it to be useful for turning gray hair to its original color, promoting weight loss, clearing up acne and removing wrinkles. In her book “Skin Saver Remedies,” Juta Stepanovs promotes kombucha as both an internal and a topical treatment for minimizing wrinkles. She recommends making a kombucha face cream in a blender, and leaving it on your face for about 20 minutes, similar to a clay or honey mask.

I have heard that blending a Kombucha Mother with a small amount of organic Kombucha Tea then applying this “mask” to the face for about 20 minutes can help with a variety of skin issues including wrinkles acne scaring and just about any other skin issue.

Does anyone have a recipe for a Kombucha face wash or mask?

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A Kombucha Testimonial

Frau H. S. from A. writes:
“I should like to thank you very much for the successful cure I’ve had by drinking your Kombucha tea. For this success borders on the miraculous. Two years ago I had a complete hysterectomy due to carcinoma (cancer) or the womb. But after four months a further operation was necessary. Following that I had thirty radiation treatments. But the result was that I was having up to eight bowel movements a day. All this without receiving any medication form the doctor. At that time I happened quite by chance to read about Kombucha tea.” Frau S. says that she then got herself some Kombucha and Colibiogen etc., and then she goes on: “And what happened? The bowel movements returned to the normal two a day. During this time I had to got into hospital for a check-up every two months. Then I learned from my doctor that the last two cancer smear tests were negative. The result amazed my doctor and the hospital doctors, as I had had no medication. I put it all down to the Kombucha tea and the Colibiogen etc. Therefore I thank you once again for this marvelous remedy, that hopefully will also help other women.”

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