Whole Foods Lower GT Kombucha Price?

I was presently surprised this morning when I went to buy my GTs Kombucha, it was only $2.69!!! Then because I did not ask for a bag it ended up being just $2.59, opposed to the normal $3.50+. This better not be a mistake! Whole Foods, if you have truly lowered the price of GT’s Kombucha I pledge to love you forever.

Has anyone else noticed this Kombucha price drop?

Whole Foods or GT’s do either of you have anything to say about this?

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2 Responses to Whole Foods Lower GT Kombucha Price?

  1. Chris says:

    It’s just a guess of mine, but I think that the price may have been marked off as lower because of the 2 for $5 sale on GTs Kombucha at Whole Foods.

  2. what4982 says:

    I didnt know about that! Thanks Chris!

    Hope it is still going on today, im going to load up

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